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  Application for Membership

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Music lovers who support the Philharmonische Verein der Sinti und Roma Frankfurt am Main e.V.,

In this short note I would like to ask you for your help in supporting the work of our Association.

In May 2001 the "Philharmonische Verein der Sinti und Roma Frankfurt am Main e.V." was founded. The Association's aim is to cultivate the musical heritage of the Sinti and Roma people.

In order to realise this goal, the Association sees its task as being the following:
form various ensembles of Sinti and Roma musicians
found a string or chamber orchestra which will eventually
   develop into a philharmonic orchestra,
found a Sinti and Roma choir and
provide all these groups with the opportunity of performing
   in public in order that a larger circle of music-lovers should
   get to know Sinti and Roma music
promote the training of these musicians
bring back forgotten music and
promote the next generation of musicians.

The committee would welcome any ideas and/or financial support you may be able to offer our Association, founded as it was for the good of all.

Many kind regards,

Riccardo M Sahiti
Chairman and Artistic Director

Frankfurt am Main, 21st April 2002

  Philharmonischer Verein der Sinti und Roma
Frankfurt am Main e.V. (Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Association Frankfurt am Main)

Founded on 21st May 2001

Founder members: Ljubomir Aleksandrovic, Georg Armbrüster, Katalin Banki, Joachim Brenner, Prof. Dr.
Micha Brumlik, Ladislav Cinzek, Radovan Krstic, István Kuruc, Verband Deutscher Sinti Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz, Ruth Linde, Djoni Mathes, Klaus Natalis, Muhamet Sahiti (Artistic name: Riccardo M Sahiti), Sigurd Sartorius,
Gyula Vadász.

Conductor Riccardo M Sahiti, Chairman and Artistic Director
Dipl. Musician - Double-bassist Radovan Krstic,
Deputy Chairman
Dipl. Musician - Violinist Ljubomir Aleksandrovic, Treasurer
Dipl. Musician - Violinist Gyula Vadász
Dipl. Musician - Cellist Katalin Banki
Dipl. Musician - Violinist Istvŕn Kuruc


The following well-known personalities already provide excellent support to our association:
Romani Rose, Chairman of the Central Council of German Sintis and Roma, Heidelberg;
Roby Lakatos, Violinist, Brüssel;
Prof. Jiri Starek, Conductor, Frankfurt am Main;
Prof. Dr. Micha Brumlik, Faculty of Educational Science, Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität, Director of the Fritz-Bauer-Institut, Frankfurt/Main.

With the kind support of the Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten (Office for Multicultural Affairs) of the city of Frankfurt am Main for the production of our leaflet
and the studio for designing it, and of Wieland Schmid, Mannheim, for our logo.

Administrative Office:
Philharmonischer Verein der Sinti und Roma Ffm e.V.
c/o Förderverein Roma e.V.
Niddastr. 66-68
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Contact: Riccardo M Sahiti
Tel./Fax: 0 69 / 28 15 56

Opening hours: Mi. 9:00-13:00: Me 9h-13h
Tél. 0 69 / 15 05 79 56
Fax 0 69 / 15 05 79 52


Bank details:
Postbank Frankfurt am Main,
Account No. 747 73 607, BLZ (Banker's Code) 500 100 60